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Negative Supercharging Distributor Advance Springs
(Suit Chrysler made distributor)

Produces up to 50 lbs/ft more torque from low to midrange and up to 10% more fuel economy

No other product produces this much
torque and fuel economy for less than $20!

Negative Supercharging (Impulse) advance springs fit ONLY 1957-92 Chrysler made points or electronic distributors
Negative Supercharging (Impulse) advance springs produce a radical new advance curve that substantially improves torque from idle to midrange, acceleration, towing power, responsiveness, fuel economy and eliminates pre-ignition (pinging) in engines from standard, performance to towing. The advance springs fit ONLY Chrysler made points or electronic distributors used in Chrysler 6 and V8 engines.

Therefore, compare the photo of the Chrysler made distributor and advance spring weight to the distributor fitted to your engine. If your distributor is NOT the same as shown in the photo, the engine will need to use a Chrysler made electronic or points distributor or your distributor will need to be recurved to the Negative Supercharging (Impulse) advance curve. For more details see Chrysler Electronic Distributor.

Negative Supercharging (Impulse) advance curve MUST be used in conjunction with the following advance at the crank

Fuel Open Chamber Close Chamber IMPORTANT
High Octane 25° BTC 22° BTC Ignition timing should not be advanced by more than 25° at the crank because it will reduce power even if pre-ignition (pinging) is not audible.
Low Octane 21° BTC 18° BTC

Negative Supercharging vacuum advance
Vacuum advance at the crank should not be more than 45° with open chamber heads and 40° with close chamber heads.

Street engines have been using the wrong ignition advance curve for the past 50 years!
We developed the Negative Supercharging advance curve in 1993 to maximise the power produced by Negative Pressure Supercharging. However, we found this new advance curve also improves the torque and fuel economy in engines from standard, performance to towing.

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